Meyer Hatchery Policies 

Placing an Order:

Orders can be made directly on the website or with our Customer Service Team via chat or phone call. The inventory displayed on the website is up-to-date in real time. Inventory is immediately adjusted as orders are received. Your ship date is determined by seasonal minimums and a common hatch date of the breeds ordered.

Payment can be made at the time of order or deferred to two weeks prior to shipment. Meyer Hatchery accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express over the phone and on the website. 

You can also mail in your order with payment made by check, money order, or credit card. Personal check orders will be booked after verification of sufficient funds. Please allow additional processing time. Checks returned to us by your bank will result in a $40.00 non-sufficient funds fee. If reconciliation is not made within 15 days, your account will be turned over to our collection agency and other penalties and fees will be added.

Poultry Shipping and Arrival: 

Meyer Hatchery ships live poultry on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays depending on the poultry types ordered. All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express. Orders most commonly arrive in 2 days or less, but can take up to 3. Your order should arrive no later than Saturday. Chicks are typically held at the post office and they will call you to pick them up. Please contact your local post office to determine how they handle packages of live animals or if alternative arrangements need to be made for delivery. Poultry must be picked up promptly. Hatching Egg orders are typically delivered with your regular mail to the address on the package. See more specific shipping details including rates.

Poultry Pickup:

Live poultry and hatching egg orders will be available for pick up at our retail store during the first 48 hours after hatch or being packed. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you do not pick up your order during the stated pick up times, you forfeit the amount paid for the live poultry or hatching eggs due to their perishable nature. Pickup orders must be placed and paid for in advance. We are not able to accept payment at time of pick up.

Started Pullets must be picked up on date scheduled only. A non-refundable $1 per bird deposit is due at the time the order is booked with a $20 minimum deposit required.


As we are dealing with live animals, Meyer Hatchery is not able to cancel orders within 1 week of hatch. Should an emergency arise, please contact the Meyer Hatchery Customer Service Team.

Changes to Order: 

Adjustments can be made to your order by contacting Meyer Hatchery Customer Service via call, chat or email prior to your order being shipped. In the event of excessive changes, Meyer Hatchery reserves the right to request a $10.00 order change fee.

Gender Accuracy Policy: 

Meyer Hatchery strives for 100% accuracy when sexing our chicks. However, we are dealing with live animals and an error may occur. To cover those instances, Meyer Hatchery offers a 100% Gender Accuracy Policy effective for birds hatched 11/26/18 and beyond:

* Meyer Hatchery will refund or issue store credit for the price of the chick(s) sent of the wrong gender.
* Sexing errors must be reported between 10 and 22 weeks via call, chat, or email. A photograph may be requested.
* At no time will Meyer Hatchery credit an amount exceed the original purchase price. 

48-Hour Livability Policy: 

Meyer Hatchery strives for 100% healthy chicks upon receipt. If you experience a loss or injured chick, Meyer Hatchery will issue a refund, store credit or offer a replacement for properly cared for losses within the first 48 hour period. If you have a loss, please fill out our Loss Reporting Form

*Extra chicks may be included on orders of 25 or more and are intended to cover any losses should they occur.
*Replacement orders must meet minimums established for safe shipping.
*Bin chicks from our retail store are covered for the first 48-hours after pickup.
*Report your total losses promptly at the end of the 48 hour period via chat, email, phone. 
*At no time will our credit amount exceed the original purchase price. 
*If a loss should occur on the replacement order, Meyer Hatchery will issue you a refund or store credit. This is in consideration of working with live animals and the occasional delivery route that may not be optimal for their well being.
* Meyer Hatchery will not cover losses that occur outside of a controlled environment, such as a broody hen.

Product Quality Policy:

Meyer Hatchery strives for 100% accuracy on your order, as well as chicks free from physical defects. 

*Missing chicks, wry neck, curled toes, and spraddle leg must be reported within 48 hours.
*Cross beak must be reported within 2 weeks.
*Incorrect breeds must be reported no later than 22 weeks
*Notify Meyer Hatchery via call, chat or email. A photograph may be requested. 
*Meyer Hatchery will issue a store credit or refund for the chicks. 
*Meyer Hatchery will not guarantee any issues resulting from improper nutrition or care. We also do not guarantee egg color, blue feather presentation, frizzle presentation, or percentage of males and females on orders of straight run.
*At no time will our credit amount exceed the original purchase price. 

Substitution Policy:

Occasionally, a breed may not hatch as well as expected. When placing an order, let us know if you would be willing to accept substitutions and what breeds. If a breed on your order does not hatch as expected, we will email, text, and call to notify you. If we are not able to reach you, or if you are not willing to accept substitutions, your order may be shipped short or rescheduled at our discretion. 

Marek’s Vaccination

The Marek’s vaccination is an optional service that we offer on standard breed chickens. Meyer Hatchery recommends this service because the disease is easily spread. Exposed chickens will become infected with Marek's regardless of vaccination. Vaccination only gives chickens a chance to build resistance and reduces the instances of symptoms developing. There is no cure for the disease. Meyer Hatchery is not responsible for loss or damages due to Marek’s Disease, even if your chicks were vaccinated. 

If you request the Marek’s Vaccination service and also order a Meyer Meal Maker, your Meyer Meal Maker will also be vaccinated. All free extras will be vaccinated as well.

Rare Breed Leg Banding

Meyer Hatchery leg bands specific breeds of rare chicks for easy identification. This is not an optional service. Leg bands must be removed within 7 days. Meyer Hatchery is not responsible for any loss or damages caused by not removing these leg bands.

Hatching Eggs Policy

Hatching eggs are collected on Mondays and shipped on Tuesdays via USPS Priority Mail. Hatching egg orders are typically delivered to your address. Eggs can be shipped year-round, but please use your own discretion when ordering during extreme weather. Meyer Hatchery guarantees the eggs to be true to breed variety and to arrive in good condition; we do not guarantee hatchability due to conditions beyond our control during shipment, hatching equipment or methods used. Meyer Hatchery covers breakage only and will offer a one-time store credit, refund, or replacement.

NPIP Certificates:

Meyer Hatchery is a member of the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP). Our NPIP status is U.S. Pullorum-Typhoid Clean w/added classification -- H5/H7 AI Clean and Salmonella Monitored. 

We provide NPIP VS Form 9-3 at no charge. Requests can be made at the time of purchase and are also available after your poultry ships in your online Meyer Hatchery account. We can provide the form one time, under the name of the purchaser, in print. 

Merchandise (Non-Live Products):

Merchandise ordered from Meyer Hatchery will be shipped within 24 business hours and should arrive to you within 5-7 business days. We ship USPS mail and UPS in most instances. Should your merchandise be damaged or missing a part/piece, contact Meyer Hatchery Customer Service immediately.

Some of our merchandise is shipped directly from the manufacturer. These items are notated on the website and will ship in 2-3 weeks. 

Merchandise items may be returned within 30 days of purchase. Items must be in original packaging and in unused condition. Returns must be authorized by Meyer Hatchery Customer Service. We can offer a refund, store credit, or exchange on returned merchandise. Meyer Hatchery is not able to accept returns on digital coop plans or vaccines.


Meyer Hatchery strives to ensure accurate pricing and information but we cannot guarantee our catalog to be free of pricing or typographical errors. Prices are subject to change. Online prices supersede all prior pricing in any medium.

Content Copyright:

Photographs, product descriptions, blogs, help desk articles and all content found on the Meyer Hatchery website and social media accounts and any written media including our catalog are the sole property of Meyer Hatchery and are protected by US and International copyright laws. No reproduction is permitted without express written consent of Meyer Hatchery. 

Privacy Policy:

Meyer Hatchery takes every precaution necessary to protect your privacy and personal information. When submitting sensitive information via the Meyer Hatchery website, that information is collected, encrypted, and protected by a combination of secure servers with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transmission to safeguard the personal information of all Meyer Hatchery customers. What this means is that any time you send data to our web server it will be encrypted and, in turn, our server will encrypt any data sent back to your web browser. Meyer Hatchery uses 128-bit encryption by, the most advanced form of SSL software presently available. Meyer Hatchery will not share any personal or order information with any third party. 

Policy Effective Date: 12/02/2019