4 Socket Brooder Lamp with Thermostat available from Meyer Hatchery has an adjustable  thermostat and is perfect for larger flocks up to 125 chicks.

4-Socket Brooder Lamp w/Thermostat

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4-Socket Brooder Lamp w/Thermostat

4 Socket Brooder Lamp is an excellent heat source option for a large number of chicks, ducks, geese, and other day-old-baby poultry. Brooder lamp is armed with a wafer thermostat, that will automatically shut off 2 of the 4 lamps when the preset temperature is reached, making this a very efficient and reliable setup. 

* Includes a 6-foot suspension chain. 
* 4 bulb capacity; uses either 125 or 250-watt bulbs. Bulbs not included. 
* Works great for up to 125 chicks.