Vitamin D3 Liquid, 32-ounce

Vitamin D3 Liquid, 32-ounce

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Vitamin D3 Liquid, 32-ounce 

Vitamin D is an important fat-soluble vitamin necessary for proper absorption of calcium, which contributes to strong bone development and excellent shell quality. Vitamin D3 also plays an important role in the immune system of poultry. A deficiency in Vitamin D3 can lead to bone and beak weakness, and poor eggshell quality. In order to ensure an adequate nutrient balance, we recommend also supplementing your layer flock with Oyster Shell if giving Vitamin D3 in the hens’ water. 

This information should not be interpreted as a diagnosis or treatment. Please seek the advice of your county Ag Extension office or veterinarian for proper diagnosis. 

To use: mix 1/4 fluid ounce of Vitamin D3 to one gallon of water to make a stock solution. Then to administer to birds, mix one ounce of stock solution to one gallon of drinking water. If only one gallon is needed then add 3mL of Vitamin D3 per one gallon of drinking water. Keep away from flame and heat.