Automatic Goose Egg Turner Tray

Automatic Goose Egg Turner Tray

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Automatic Goose Egg Turner Tray

This Goose Egg Turner tray is for use in the Hova-Bator brand incubators for turning larger eggs such as duck, goose or peafowl eggs. The turner consists of the motorized tray and 3 basket rails. Each rail holds up to 4 eggs (depending on egg size) for a total tray capacity of 12 eggs. 

This turner will only fit the Genesis Hova-Bator incubator item #1588 and the Turbofan Hova Bator incubator item #2362E. It is not interchangeable with different brands or models.

* Tray measures 15'' x 15'' x 3''. 
* Comes with 3 basket rails as well as 2 standard chicken rails.
* 110 Volt AC (standard household plug).