Rollaway Community Nest Box can accommodate up to 20 hens.Rollaway Community Nest Box is quick and easy to assemble.

Rollaway Community Nest Box 24"

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Rollaway Community Nest Box 24"

Community nest box is ideal for small scale egg laying operations. Your chickens share the 24" wide community nest box, and eggs roll down the covered tray, preventing egg eating while also keeping the eggs clean. During assembly, you decide if you want a front or rear rollout. Nest box has vinyl privacy flaps for hens sense of security.

* Comfortably accommodate up to 20 hens. 
* Plastic nest pads are included. They are easy to remove and clean and when needed, replacements can be ordered here.
* Total overall dimensions 24" L x 21" H x 20" D. Depth includes 12" deep nest box and 8" rollout tray.
* Constructed of high quality, sturdy, and long lasting galvanized metal. 
* Easy assembly, hardware included.
* Made in the USA