8-Hole Nest Box

8-Hole Nest Box

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Our new plastic 8-hole nests have filled the need in the industry for nests of a smaller size to fit in smaller pens, The construction and hole sizes are the same as the 10-hole nest but of course the space is greatly reduced. The lids, front and back partitions and perches are all made of plastic. Plastic perches help eliminate harboring places for lice and mites. The side panels and perch brackets are made of galvanized. Due to the popularity of our 4 and 6 hole nests, we have now designed two more sizes to fill special needs. Our 8 hole nests are the same hole size as the rest of our series. 7" high by 11 1/2" wide. The 8-hole nest is overall 40" wide. Ideal to fit in special places. (ships direct from manufacturer)