Poultry Protector

Poultry Protector

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Poultry Protector, 33.9 oz

Poultry produce more eggs when mites, fleas, and lice no longer bite them. Body weight increases when pests are no longer present. Poultry Protector cleans away pests to produce a much larger yield. Effective on cleaning away eggs, larvae, pupae, and adult insects. No restrictions on animals when used as directed.

Treatment as specified on manufacturers label: Severe infestation: 20-25 ozs. per gallon Average infestation: 8-12 ozs. per gallon Light infestation: 4-8 ozs. per gallon Remove all bedding and spray all side, floor, and top of Coop. Then spray directly on the chickens, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Non-toxic. all-natural Enzymes. 33.9-oz. spray bottle.