Poultry Protector

Poultry Protector

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Poultry Protector 16 oz Spray



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Poultry Protector 1 gallon


Poultry produce more eggs when mites, fleas and lice no longer bite them. Body weight increases when pests are no longer present. Poultry Protector cleans away pests to produce a much larger yield. Effective on cleaning away eggs, larvae, pupae and adult insects. No restrictiions on animals when used as directed.


Treatment as specified on manufacturers label: Severe infestation: 20-25 ozs. per gallon Average infestation: 8-12 ozs. per gallon Light infestation: 4-8 ozs. per gallon Remove all bedding and spray all side, floor, and top of Coop. Then spray directly on the chickens, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Non-toxic. all-natural Enzymes. 1-gallon bottle