Barn Odor & Manure Digester (1 Liter)

Barn Odor & Manure Digester (1 Liter)

Product Code : 94504




Enzymes are small biochemical digesters. Enzymes have the ability to break apart and absorb proteins, carbohydrates and fats that cause odors. This powerful Barn Deodorizer acts quickly and remains effective for long periods in musty, unpleasant areas such as ammonia and compost piles. Treats odors from urine and fecal matter. Molecular deodorants attack malodors at the source, providing fresher air. Products are all highly concentrated. Makes 50 gallons.


Treatment as stated on manufacturers label: Severe odor: 8-12 ozs. per gallon Average odor: 4-8 ozs. per gallon Light odor: 12 ozs. per gallon. Apply now and repeat weekly. Remove all bedding and spray all side, floor, and top of Coop. Then spray directly on the chickens, avoiding the eyes and mouth. for first application use severe odor dosage and then use light odor dosage after.