Barn Odor and Manure Digester, 1 Liter

Barn Odor and Manure Digester, 1 Liter

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Barn Odor and Manure Digester, 1-Liter

Barn Odor and Manure Digester from Care Free Enzymes is an easy and effective way to eliminate odors in your barns, horse stalls, chicken coops, and livestock premises. Stale air and other unpleasant livestock odors are neutralized quickly, and other odors such as ammonia, sulfur, and nitrogen odors are immediately removed upon application of the product. The manure digester enzymes attack and help break down manure. This product is eco-friendly, non-toxic, cleans naturally, and is safe for children, wildlife, and pets. This product is a concentrate that you will need to dilute with water following the label instructions.