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American Buff Geese

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American Buff Day Old Goslings

IMPORTANT ORDERING DETAILS: Goslings have a minimum of 3 and you are able to mix and match among goose breeds to meet this minimum. Goslings will ship on Mondays or Tuesdays, USPS priority mail, and arrive 1-3 days later. Goslings are not able to be picked up as they are sent from our partner hatchery.

American Buff Geese are one of the only two breeds developed in the United States. They are descendants of the Wild Greylag Goose native to Northern Asia and Europe. Apricot Fawn colored surface plumage with buff-colored feathers on their backs and sides edged with white.The American Buff Goose is considered a dual purpose breed.Their light color and pin feathers allow them to dress out cleanly, much like white geese. Buffs are known for their very docile and friendly temperament and make excellent parents.

Average mature weight: Gander 18 lbs, Goose 16 lbs
Class: Medium
Origin: United States
Comb Type:
Egg Color: White
Egg Size: 9.25 inches
Production: 25-35/yr
Matures: 1-2 years
Bird Size: 14-16 lbs.
Broody: Yes
Hardiness: Tolerant of all climats
Personality: Very Calm and docile
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