Day Old Baby Assorted Cochin Chicks for sale at Meyer Hatchery.Cochins lay light brown eggs.

Assorted Cochin

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Assorted Standard Cochin Chicks

Cochin Chickens are a wonderful addition to your flock. Cochins are sweet and fluffy and love to sit and hatch eggs. They are round in shape, have a single comb, and adorable feathered feet. Meyer Hatchery’s Assorted Cochin Chicks are an economical way to add some variety of these chickens to your backyard. Our standard Cochins are available in four colors--white, blue, silver laced, and partridge. You will receive at least two (2) different colors when ordering. Cochins will lay around 2 to 3 light brown to tinted eggs per week.

Average mature weight: Roosters 11 lbs.; Hens 8 lbs. 

**As with all blue fowl genetics, you will receive offspring from two blue parents, which will produce blue, black, and splash chicks.
Class: Asiatic
Origin: China
Comb Type: Single
Egg Color: Brown
Egg Size: Medium
Production: Fair
Matures: Very Slow
Bird Size: Heavy 8 - 11 lbs
Broody: Yes
Hardiness: Cold Tolerant
Personality: Friendly & Docile
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Nov 2, 2020

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Male: 100+