Day Old Baby Assorted Polish Chicks for Sale at Meyer Hatchery, located in beautiful Polk, Ohio.

Assorted Polish Standard

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Assorted Standard Polish Chicks

When people ask us for our most unique and unusual chicken, Polish are one of the first to come to mind. Polish chickens are most notable for the crazy plume of feathers on top of their heads. They are part of a category of chicken called top hats. They also have a v-comb and large nostrils, which also set them apart. With Meyer Hatchery’s Assorted Polish chickens option, you’ll receive at least two (2) different colors of day old baby polish chicks--Silver Laced, Golden Laced, White Crested Black, White Crested Blue, Buff Laced and possibly even a fun new variety called Blue-Blue Laced! In addition to some really cool looking chickens, you’ll also enjoy about 3 white eggs per week from the hens. 

Average mature weight: Roosters 6 lbs.; Hens 4 1/2 lbs.
Class: Continental
Origin: Holland
Comb Type: V-Shaped
Egg Color: White
Egg Size: Small
Production: Fair
Bird Size: Medium 4.5 - 6 lbs
Broody: No
Hardiness: Heat and cold hardy
Personality: Quite and Docile
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Nov 2, 2020

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