Shop Meyer Hatchery for Day Old Baby Silkie Chicks!Silkies lay very small white eggs. Silkies are ornamental and broody.	Assorted Silkie Bantams

Assorted Silkie Bantams

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Assorted Silkie Bantam Chicks

Silkies are the epitome of pet chicken--they are small, fluffy, cuddly, and super friendly. Silkies are certainly one of the most unique chickens. Silkies are not great layers, but what they lack in laying abilities, they make up for in broodiness and cuteness. Silkies have a walnut comb, are heat tolerant, and have black skin. They also stand apart with their feathered legs, feet, and 5 toes.These miniature chickens will not disappoint! Meyer Hatchery's Silkies are a mix of bearded and non-bearded. Buy Assorted Silkie Bantam Chicks and you will receive at least two (2) different colors of the options we carry.

Average weight: roosters 36 oz, hens 32 oz. Bantams are straight run only.
Class: Feather Legged
Origin: Asia
Comb Type: Walnut Comb
Egg Color: Lightly Tinted
Egg Size: Small
Production: Poor 2/week
Bird Size: Small
Broody: Yes
Hardiness: Do Poorly in Heat
Personality: Friendly & Docile
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