Antwerp Belgian/Belgian Bearded D'Anver

Antwerp Belgian/Belgian Bearded D'Anver

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Also know as Quail Antwerp Belgian. Pretty little birds with "beards" of feathery fluff high on their necks and muffs around their faces. Have high-set tails and a larger-than-life disposition. They have close fitting rose combs and clean legs. Their primary color is black with each feather laced with deep golden bay. Both males and females have breasts with brownish yellow, laced plumage. Straight run only.
Class: Clean Legged
Origin: Belgium
Comb Type: Rose Comb
Egg Color: Creamy White
Egg Size: Tiny
Production: Fair 2/week
Bird Size: Hens 22 oz. - Cocks 26 oz.
Broody: Yes
Hardiness: Does poor in Cold
Personality: Active, friendly
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