Bell-Matic Waterer from Meyer Hatchery is a low-pressure watering system great for any type of fowl!

Bell-Matic Waterer

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Bell-Matic Waterer



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Replacement Valve "O" Ring



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Bell-Matic Waterer

The Bell-Matic Waterer is a low-pressure watering system that disconnects easily for quick cleaning. 3 1/2 inch wide step down trough makes it great for any type of fowl! It can be suspended from your coop ceiling or rafters and raised up as your birds grow. Water depth can be easily adjusted. 

* Requires 4 to 6-pounds of water pressure to operate and hooks up to a standard hose.
* Supplies water to 20 adult birds. 
* Ballasted base for increased stability minimizes spillage. 
* Includes Bell-Matic Waterer, saddle connector, 10' PVC hose, 10' hanging rope, hose fastener, height regulator and hanging hook.