The Backyard Chicken Fight

The Backyard Chicken Fight

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The Backyard Chicken Fight

Gretchen Anderson chronicles the stories of people who are fighting City Hall for the right to own chickens. Find out how hen keeping is ruffling feathers across the country. Also, learn the secrets to raising a healthy flock in your own backyard. 

“As individuals battle for the right to raise chickens, Gretchen’s book brings us together through shared experiences. Our struggles emerge as one, a national chicken revolution, shedding light on the absurdity of having to fight to legalize the simple backyard hen.” —Barbara Palermo, Founder of Chickens In The Yard (CITY)

"This book will convince you to join that sassy group of independent folks who are proud to raise chickens and usually see life as sunny side up!" —Elaine Ambrose, Author, Menopause Sucks