Buckeye Chickens are the only APA accepted breed developed by a woman.Buckeye Chickens are named after the state they were developed in--Ohio, the Buckeye State, as well as their coloring.Buckeyes are a dual-purpose breed and lay lots of brown eggs.Day Old Baby Buckeye Chicks For Sale at Meyer Hatchery


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Buckeye Chicks

This hard-to-find breed of chickens originated right here in Ohio in the late 1800’s. The Buckeye’s name comes from their feather color, which is comparable to the dark mahogany red buckeye nut, as well as being from the Buckeye State. Their wing and primary tail feathers will show some black. They also have close-fitting pea combs, which helps them thrive in cold climates. 

Buckeyes are described as curious, calm, and friendly. They are the only breed of chicken accepted into the APA that was developed by a woman. Buckeyes lay around 200 brown eggs yearly, and also have excellent meat, making them a great dual-purpose breed. 

Average mature weight: Roosters 7 1/2 lbs., Hens 5 lbs.


Class: American
Origin: United States
Comb Type: Pea Comb
Egg Color: Brown
Egg Size: Medium
Production: Good
Matures: Moderately Slow
Bird Size: Heavy 5 - 7 1/2 lbs
Broody: Occasionally
Hardiness: Very Cold Hardy
Personality: Friendly, Calm & Sociable
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Nov 2, 2020

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