Blu-Kote Dauber, 4-ounce

Blu-Kote Dauber, 4-ounce

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Blu-Kote Dauber, 4-ounce

Blu-Kote can be used in poultry as an antiseptic wound dressing for the effective treatment of most surface wounds, cuts, abrasions, fungal infections, eczema, and sores. This quick-drying wound dressing also helps prevent pecking in your poultry flock. Blu-Kote is a purple-blue color that will hide the red color of a wound to hide it from flock-mates. 

* Germicide and fungicide.
* Kills ringworm
* 4 fluid ounce dauber bottle.
* Safe for use on dogs, horses, poultry
* Do not use on cats.