Meyer Hatchery sells the double-laced partridge pattern of Barnevelders.Barnevelder roosters have beautiful feather coloring.Day old baby Barnevelder Chicks for sale.Dark brown eggs laid by a Barnevelder hen.


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Barnevelder Chicks

This chick will come leg banded for easy identification. Remove leg band within 7 days.

The double-laced partridge pattern of the rare breed Barnevelder is truly a sight to behold. This showy bird is a beautiful bronze on iridescent greenish-black lacing on reddish-brown colored feathers. 

The Barnevelder is a dutch breed, developed around 200 years ago in the town of Barneveld, Holland. They are known for their hardiness and for being good layers of dark brown eggs. They were bred to lay well, even in the long damp Northern European winters. Barnevelders are very rare in the United States which makes them quite desirable and highly sought after. They are slow to mature but make a good dual purpose breed. 

Average mature weight: Roosters 7 lbs., Hens 6 lbs.

Class: Continental
Origin: Holland
Comb Type: Single Comb
Egg Color: Light to Dark Brown
Egg Size: Large
Production: Good
Matures: Slow
Bird Size: Medium 6 - 7 lbs.
Broody: No
Hardiness: Cold Hardy, Especially in Damp Conditions
Personality: Friendly, Calm and Docile
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