Black frizzle cochin bantam hens are very friendly and love to brood eggs.Black frizzle cochin bantam roosters are friendly and calm.Black frizzle cochin bantam chickens lay tinted or light brown eggs.Day old baby Black Frizzle Cochin Bantam chicks for sale from Meyer Hatchery, located in Polk, Ohio.

Black Frizzle Cochin Bantams

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Black Frizzle Cochin Bantams

Frizzles are a truly unique bird! Unlike all other chickens, the feathers on a frizzle curve outward and forward, giving it the appearance of having walked through a windstorm backward. Other than this feathering trait, these birds are like our cochins. The frizzle feathering doesn't show in the baby chicks. Since the trait does not breed true, some of your chicks will develop normal feathers and the others will be frizzled.

Average weight: roosters 32 oz, hens 28 oz. Bantams are straight run only.

Class: Feather Legged
Origin: China
Comb Type: Single Comb
Egg Color: Brown
Egg Size: Tiny
Production: Poor
Matures: Slow
Bird Size: Hens 28 oz. - Cocks 32 oz.
Broody: Sometimes
Hardiness: Cold Tolerant
Personality: Peaceful, friendly, easily handled
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