Brown Guineas - Discontinued

Brown Guineas - Discontinued

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Brown Guinea Keets - Discontinued

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION: Guineas are shipped on Tuesdays, USPS Priority Mail, and will typically arrive in 1-3 days at your local post office. Guineas are not available for pickup and they are straight run only. Guineas have a combined minimum of 15--you are able to mix and match the different varieties and colors that we offer to meet the minimum.

Guinea fowl are useful for bug control, as a security guard, and for meat production. Guineas can be very vocal, especially when they see something or someone that is strange to them. They make excellent alarms and watchdogs for this reason. They are also useful for insect control, and guineas seem to prefer ticks especially. Many people also raise guinea fowl as an alternative meat and egg layer bird.

Brown guinea keets look similar to the common Pearl guinea but have a slightly lighter reddish brown color. As adults, Brown Guineas are a rich dark brown with white dots, with the males being slightly lighter brown than the females.

Male guineas weigh around 3 1/2 pounds, females 3 pounds.
Origin: Africa
Comb Type:
Egg Color: Creamy Brown w/Dark Brown Flecks
Egg Size: Small
Production: Seasonal / Excellent
Bird Size: Hens 3 1/2 lbs Cocks 4 lbs
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