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Australian Black Swan Yearling Pair

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Australian Black Swan Yearling Pair

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION: Swans are shipped on Wednesdays, via airline cargo, and will arrive the same day. They will need to be picked up from the airport upon arrival. Shipping and transportation crate is included in the price of your birds. Swans are not available for local pickup. All swans for sale by Meyer Hatchery are pinioned, which means they are unable to fly.

Swans are graceful birds that  make a stunning addition to your pond or lake. Australian Black Swans are native to Australia making them one of three species from the southern hemisphere and therefore prefer a warmer climate. Black Swans prefer freshwater lakes, ponds, and slow-moving rivers, but can also live in brackish areas such as estuaries. 

Australian Black Swans mostly have black feathers with white at the wing tips. They have a bright orange bill with a white band on the tip. Their legs and feet are gray/black. Adult Australian Black Swans measure from 43 to 56 inches in length and weigh between 8.1 and 20 pounds. They have a wingspan between 5.3 and 6.5 feet. Black Swans can live up to 40 years in a protected environment.

Australian Black Swans will typically begin breeding around 18 to 36 months of age. Their natural breeding season is from February to September. Australian Black Swans will typically build their nest near the water beginning in mid-April. Average clutch size is 4 to 6 greenish-white eggs. Eggs hatch in 35 to 40 days. 

Cygnets are able to feed themselves at 2 weeks of age, and will eat aquatic insects and crustaceans. Adults eat only plant matter including algae, aquatic plants, grains, and grasses. In captivity, swans can also be fed a waterfowl feed as well as supplemental greens and veggies. 
Origin: Australia
Comb Type:
Egg Color: Greenish-White
Egg Size:
Production: 4-7 eggs per clutch
Matures: 3 years
Bird Size: 8.2 – 20 lbs (Adult)
Personality: Calm, protective during breeding season
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