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Buff Day Old Ducklings

IMPORTANT ORDERING DETAILS: Ducklings have a minimum of 3 and you are able to mix and match among duck breeds to meet this minimum. Ducklings will ship on Mondays or Tuesdays, USPS priority mail, and arrive 1-3 days later. Ducklings are not able to be picked up as they are sent from our partner hatchery.

Buff Ducks are a multi-purpose breed that originated in England and is also called a Buff Orpington Duck. Its coloring is an even shade of rich fawn brown. Buffs gain weight relatively quick and are ready to be processed in 8-10 weeks. These are great dual purpose ducks as they dress out well and have light pin feathers, making for a nice appearance. The drakes and ducks are both buff in color with orange-yellow shanks and feet. However, the drake’s bill is yellow while the duck’s bill is brownish-orange. Buffs are nice calm ducks and also make great pets.

Buff Ducks have fair mothering abilities, laying 3-4 large eggs per week or 130 to 180 white or tinted eggs per year. They are friendly and docile and make good pets. Female Buff Ducks weigh around 5 pounds, while drakes weigh around 6 1/4 pounds. Like most domestic ducks, the Buff is capable of flying very short distances, if at all. 
Class: Medium
Origin: England
Comb Type: n/a
Egg Color: White, lightly tinted
Egg Size: 80-90 grams
Production: 130-180 annually
Matures: 20-24 weeks
Bird Size: 5 - 6.25 lbs
Broody: Fair mothering
Hardiness: Hardy in All Climates
Personality: Friendly, Docile
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