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Cayuga Ducks

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Cayuga Day Old Ducklings 

IMPORTANT ORDERING DETAILS: Ducklings have a minimum of 3 and you are able to mix and match among duck breeds to meet this minimum. Ducklings will ship on Mondays or Tuesdays, USPS priority mail, and arrive 1-3 days later. Ducklings are not able to be picked up as they are sent from our partner hatchery.

Cayugas are named after the Cayuga Lake in New York.  The history of the duck is unknown, but it shows characteristics of a Mallard-based breed.  Their feathers can change colors throughout their life, gray colors can show up between 4 and 18 months of age.  Cayugas are medium weight ducks that have beautiful, iridescent, greenish-black feathers.  This is a quiet, hardy breed that lays grayish colored eggs. 

Average mature weight: Drake 7 lbs, Duck 6 lbs
Class: Medium Class
Origin: United States
Comb Type: n/a
Egg Color: Black fading to blue-gray to white
Egg Size: 75 - 90 grams
Production: 130-180 eggs / year
Matures: 20-24 weeks
Bird Size: 4.75 - 6 lbs.
Broody: Occasionally
Hardiness: Hardy in All Climates
Personality: Calm
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