Chicks will love this 100% organic blend of oat, barley, and wheat grass.Chick'n Greens Organic Seed Packet is the perfect way to introduce your poultry flock to a love of greens.	Chick'n Greens Organic Seed Packet

Chick'n Greens Organic Seed Packet

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Chick'n Greens Organic Seed Packet

Chick’n Greens is a 100% certified organic mix of oat, barley and wheat seed to sprout and feed to chicks starting at 2 weeks of age. Perfect for introducing your flock to greens early on. Just plant in a suitably sized container and a ½ inch of moist soil. Keep evenly moist in good light, and introduce to your chicks when the blades are at least a few inches tall. Pecked down plants can be removed from the brooder and allowed to regrow before being placed in the brooder again. 

* Net Weight: 20 grams (0.71 oz).
* It is recommended that you grow several containers staggered a week apart for a constant supply of greens.