Chukar Partridges are ground dwellers and are primarily vegetarian.Day Old Baby Chukar Partridge Chicks for Sale from Meyer Hatchery.

Chukar Partridge Chicks

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Chukar Partridge Chicks

For more information about raising Chukars including brooding and housing, read our Help Desk Article

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION: Chukar are shipped on Mondays, USPS Priority Mail, and will typically arrive in 1-3 days at your local post office. Chukars are not available for pickup. Day Old Chukar Partridge Chicks have a minimum of 50, must be ordered in units of 50, and are straight run only. Please check with your local fish and wildlife departments regarding any needed permits prior to ordering. 

Chukar Partridges are attractive little birds that are just the right size for an individual serving of succulent meat. At 16 weeks of age, they will yield about 16 oz. of dressed product. 

Chukar Partridge originated in eastern Europe and western Asia. They were first released in California for hunting purposes they have now established self-supporting wild populations. 

They are considered the best bird for people just starting out in raising game birds. They lay eggs in early spring to late summer but will not brood in captivity. Chukar Partridges are ground foragers and will rarely take flight. When threatened, they prefer to run.
Origin: Eurasia
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