Day Old Baby Assorted Clean Legged Bantam Chicks for sale at Meyer Hatchery.Clean legged bantams for sale.

Assorted Clean-Legged Bantams

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Assorted Clean-Legged Bantam Chicks

Can’t pick from all the awesome clean-legged bantam chickens Meyer Hatchery has to offer? Leave that to us! You will receive an assortment of day old chicks from any of our clean-legged bantam varieties including Polish, Barred Rock, Welsummers, and Easter Eggers.

Meyer Hatchery does not guarantee on the number of each variety, but you will receive at least three (3) different types of clean-legged bantams on orders of at least 3 chicks. Different colors of the same breed do count as a different variety. Bantams weigh two pounds or less when full grown. Bantams are straight run only.

When ordering an assortment from Meyer Hatchery, the best part is identifying your new chicks. This is not a service Meyer Hatchery is able to provide, so to assist in this, we have created a chick identification tool that will help you out in identifying your chicks. If you are unable to identify right when they arrive, wait until they start to get feathers and identifying features. Happy Identifying!
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Oct 26, 2020
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