Columbian Wyandotte Hens are a beautiful mix of mostly white with black accents.Columbian Wyandotte Roosters grow to a stately 8 plus pounds at maturity.Shop Meyer Hatchery for your day old baby chicks! We ship nationwide year-round.Columbian Wyandottes lay lots of brown eggs every year.

Columbian Wyandotte

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Columbian Wyandotte Chicks

Columbian Wyandotte Chickens were first introduced at the Columbian Exposition (better known as the World's Fair held in Chicago) in 1893, hence the name they now hold. These birds are truly in a class of their own with the Columbian pattern on their necks and tail feathers that contrast with their white bodies. Definitely a must for your flock! 

Columbian Wyandotte Chickens are a docile breed that may occasionally go broody. They have clean legs and a pea comb. Wyandotte hens lay upwards of 180+ brown eggs per year. Wyandottes are also considered a sustainable heritage dual-purpose breed, so they are a great choice for your homestead. 

Average mature weight: Roosters 8 1/2 lbs, Hens 6 1/2 lbs.


Class: American
Origin: United States
Comb Type: Rose Comb
Egg Color: Light to Rich Brown
Egg Size: Large
Production: Very Good
Matures: Moderately Early
Bird Size: Rooster 8.5 lbs., Hen 6.5 lbs.
Broody: Infrequently
Hardiness: Very Robust, Cold Hardy
Personality: Generally Docile
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