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Chick and Quail Brooder

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Chick and Quail Brooder

The Chick and Quail Brooder by Brower Equipment is the best and most reliable way to care for your young chicks. This brooder is ideal for chicks up to 4 to 5 weeks of age. Side and front openings have a solid, sliding panels as well as mesh panels to help control drafts. Poly feeder and poly waterer included. A variety of features including: 

* Galvanized steel construction
* Thermostatically controlled heater with a temperature range of 70 to 120 degrees.
* Poly feeder and poly waterer included
* Removable top and removable dropping pan makes cleaning easy
* PVC coated wire mesh floor    
* Brooder measures 27" W x 42" L x 19.5" H with 10" headroom for chicks.

Bird capacity: 100 chicks to 2nd week, 50 chicks (or 100 quail) to 4th week, 50 chukars or pheasants to 4th week, 50 turkeys to 2nd week, 25 turkeys to 4th week.

* Price is for one unit only. Second picture shows that they can be stacked.