Dark Cornish hens are great for meat, but also lay 1680 to 180 tinted eggs per year.Dark Cornish males have nearly the same body shape as the females. Dark Cornish are known for their gourmet meat.Dark Cornish lay tinted or light brown eggs.Baby Dark Cornish Chicks for sale at Meyer Hatchery.	Dark Cornish

Dark Cornish

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Dark Cornish Chicks

Dark Cornish Chickens are famous for their gourmet flavor and wide bodies. Developed in Cornwall, England, these muscular birds are the beginnings of today‚Äôs commercial cornish cross broiler industry. Dark Cornish are a slow-growing breed and are typically processed around 18 to 22 weeks. 

Dark Cornish Chickens are great foragers. Hens can lay between 160 and 180 light brown or tinted eggs per year. They can go broody and are protective mothers. Dark Cornish are unique in that the males and females have such similar confirmation. Dark Cornish have a pea comb.  

Average mature weight: roosters 8 lbs., hens 6 lbs. 

Class: English
Origin: England
Comb Type: Small Pea Comb
Egg Color: Brown
Egg Size: Small
Production: Poor
Matures: Moderately Early
Bird Size: Rooster 8 lbs, Hen 6 lbs
Broody: Occasionally
Hardiness: Cold Hardy
Personality: Docile
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