Poultry cups are a versatile addition to the coop!Plastic Poultry Watering Cups are available online and in store at meyerhatchery.com	Plastic Poultry Watering Cups

Plastic Poultry Watering Cups

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Plastic Poultry Watering Cups

This plastic cup poultry waterer is a great option for watering your poultry. Great for all spaces, small and large. Plastic cups are easy to clean and are designed for trouble free use. Cup uses a float system that automatically shuts off when the cup is filled with water. 

Cups are versatile in use. You can use just a single cup mounted to a wall or in a show cage or DIY'ers can attach multiple to a PVC pipe or a rain barrel. 

* Cups measure 1 3/4" diameter, 1 1/2" deep. The overall length of the unit is 3 1/4".
* Includes cup and black threaded part that can screw into PVC. 

See the poultry cups in action in this DIY video: