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For more information about raising Ornamental Pheasants including housing and diet, read our Help Desk Article

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION: Pheasants are shipped on Wednesdays, USPS Priority Mail Express, and will typically arrive in 1-2 business days at your local post office. Pheasants are not available for pickup. Wings can be clipped upon request. Shipping costs are $50.00 per pair.

The stunning Edwards Pheasant is native to the Vietnam bamboo forests and are the most endangered variety of all pheasants. They were thought to be completely extinct in the wild until they were surprisingly re-discovered in 1996. Male Edward pheasant display a shiny black plumage throughout their body with a beautiful blue sheen and light green lacing color on the upper wing. Males also have a handsome short white crest, stunning red colored legs and faces. Female Edwards Pheasant display a dull gray brown coloring throughout their bodies. Female wing coloring is more of a warm gray brown. Like the males, females also have stunning red colored legs and faces, but do not display a crest.  The average length of this breed is 23-26 inches.

Edwards Pheasants require a lush well planted aviary setting that is level or slightly sloped. We recommend at least 39 square feet of space. Their shelter should be dry and protect them from the outdoor elements. This variety is best kept in pairs.  Edwards pheasants are capable of breeding their first year of age but it is recommended breeding is started at 2 years of age. Breeding season for this variety typically starts in March and ends in May. Females can lay a clutch of 4-7 eggs, which require a 21-22 day incubation period.

Although they are listed as critically endangered this breed and proven to do well in captivity.
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