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Electrified PermaNet

Product Code : EP25



(25'x48") White


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(50' X 48") White


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(100' X 48") White


A semi-permanent electric fencing solution for poultry and other livestock (even your garden!), designed to stay in one location for months or even years, but still has the flexibility to be moved and/or stored unlike most fences. Wire spacing at bottom starts at 2" x 3" and gradually increases in 2" intervals to 8" x 3" at top. This fence is great to keep your livestock protected by preventing raccoons, coyotes, dogs and other predators that don't fly from getting in. Steel stakes are included and interwoven into the net, spaced 8.33' feet apart in the standard net and 6.8' apart in the PLUS selections creating less sag and a stronger fence. When purchasing the PLUS netting you will also receive double spike posts for extra support. All you need to purchase separately are corner posts and an energizer with accessories.