EZ-Fit 3x4 Chicken Coop Kit

EZ-Fit 3x4 Chicken Coop Kit

Product Code : EZ34K




Standard features include: Exterior egg collection box (3 nesting compartments), chicken door & ramp, inside roost, ventilation opening, predator resistant wire mesh over (functional) windows, 25 year 3 tab shingles, and a man door with lock & key. Standard colors: Red with white trim and stone gray shingles. Also available in unfinished barn siding at no additional cost. Include EZ-skid runners that allow you to move your coop around your yard. Choose from 3 sizes!

Chicken coops are delivered via common carrier.  Your chicken coop will arrive as a partially assembled kit and will be packaged in 1 pallet. You will need 2 people present to open the package and unload the kit parts manually. The driver may help out, but is not obligated to do so. ASSEMBLY TIME FOR THE COOPS IS MINIMAL- ONLY BASIC CARPENTRY SKILLS ARE REQUIRED.Shingles are included in the chicken coop kits.

The nesting box will arrive assembled but not attached. This only takes several screws (included) to fasten it to the coop. The EZ-Skid runners are shipped inside the coop. These can also be fastened to the coop in a matter of minutes.

Shipping: Locate your state to determine shipping charges. It will be assessed after the order is processed.