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Whizbang Plucker Finger

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Whizbang Plucker Finger - Kent C-25

Kent Company Inc has been making plucker fingers since 1944 and they have it down to an art. They are known for their excellent quality and longevity worldwide.  The Kent C-25 plucker fingers are specifically recommended for your Whizbang Plucker. You will need 125 total, 70 for the featherplate, and 50 for the inside tub. The C-25's are universal, so they will work in any standard plucker. They are also softer and more pliable than factory fingers and are ideal for any type of bird.

* Fingers are medium-durometer hardness rubber.
* Fingers fit a 3/4" hole and are 3 1/8" long when measuring from the groove.
* Made in the USA.