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Fresh Coop Odor Control 7 lb Jug

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Fresh Coop Odor Control

Fresh Coop Odor Control is a natural and effective way to control moisture, ammonia and unpleasant odors in your chicken coop. Use the built in shaker lid to apply evenly to the top of existing bedding and litter. Fresh Coop can be used with any type of poultry including backyard chickens, turkeys, quail, ducks, guineas, pigeons, pheasants, and other fowl and gamebirds.

* Convenient 7-pound jug with built in shaker lid.
* Contains Food Chemical Codex Grade Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth with Calcium Montmorillonite and NON-GMO Citric Acid
* OMRI listed for Organic Use

Do not apply to nest boxes. Remove chickens from coop prior to application as the airborne dust can be an eye irritant.