Feed-O-Matic automatically opens with the weight of your bird and closes behind them. Keep feed waste to a minimum.	Feed-O-Matic 17.5-Pound Feeder		Feed-O-Matic 17.5-Pound Feeder		Feed-O-Matic 17.5-Pound Feeder

Feed-O-Matic 17.5-Pound Feeder

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Feed-O-Matic 17.5-Pound Feeder

Experiencing problems with other critters eating your chicken's feed? The Feed-O-Matic is a rodent and songbird resistant feeder that has a foot-activated door that quickly opens when a chicken approaches the feeding trough and automatically will close when not in use. This feeder will help reduce waste as the birds can’t reach in and scratch at the feed.  

Use only dry pellet or crumble feed. Mash, whole grain and grit may cause the feed trough to become clogged and limit flow. 

* Weight adjustable treadle: both lightweight and heavy breeds can trigger the door to open (min .75 lb to max 3 lbs).
* Feeder assembly is constructed of galvanized metal; the green and black pedal and lid pieces are heavy duty molded plastic. 
* Treadle style allows waste to fall thru. 
* Feeds up to 2 hens at a time and holds 17.5-pounds of feed.
* Measures 10.75” L x 9” W x 18” H and weighs 13 pounds.
* Assembly required.