Golden Buff hens are buff-red in color with white tail feathers.Golden Buff Roosters are mostly white, with darker colored wing, neck, and tail feathers.Golden Buffs are a prolific layer of big brown eggs.Day old baby Golden Buff Female Chicks.	Golden Buff

Golden Buff

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Golden Buff Chicks

Looking to get a jump start on laying? Order our Started Golden Buff Pullets. They are 16-20 weeks of age!

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION: You now have two options for ordering Golden Buff layer chicks. The GBU's are geared for those customers that want to pick up their orders of chicks or combine them with other layers for a combined shipping rate. If you are looking for larger orders or would like to take advantage of free shipping, please order the Golden Buffs - Ship Free FGBU’s.

Golden Buff Chickens are a leader in the brown egg market and are by far the most popular breed we sell. Golden Buffs are known by many other names, such as Golden Comet, ISA Brown, Cinnamon Queen, Red Sex Link, and Red Star. Our customers favor this breed for its large eggs and quiet temperament. Golden Buffs are a sex-linked hybrid, which means the sex of the day old baby chicks can be determined by their feather color when they hatch. Our line of Golden Buffs have Rhode Island Red and Leghorn in their heritage. Mature hens have a soft buff-red color and roosters are white with darker wing, neck, and tail feathers. 

You can expect around 6+ large to x-large brown eggs each week from each of these hens. Golden Buffs mature at around 20 weeks, thrive in a free range environment and are cold tolerant. 

Average mature weight: roosters 5 to 6 lbs., hens 4 lbs.

Class: Non-Standard
Origin: N/A
Comb Type: Single Comb
Egg Color: Brown
Egg Size: Large
Production: Excellent
Matures: Very Early
Bird Size: Medium
Broody: No
Hardiness: Cold Tolerant
Personality: Calm
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Male: 100+

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