Golden Campine hens are small and great at foraging and flying.Golden Campine Roosters are hen-feathered and look the same as females.Golden Campine Chickens are good layers of nice sized white eggs.Day Old Baby Golden Campine Chicks for Sale at Meyer Hatchery, located in the state of Ohio.

Golden Campine

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Golden Campine Chicks

Golden Campine Chickens are beautiful birds that lay around 3 or more large white eggs per week. The Campine originated in Belgium. They are alert birds with close-fitting feathers, white skin color, white earlobes, and grayish-blue legs. They are super active and foraging is their specialty. They were bred primarily as layers and do not tend to sit on their eggs. 

Golden Campine Chickens have black and reddish-gold barring on their body and tail, with a solid reddish-gold head and neck.  Campine males have what is referred to as hen-feathering, which means the males and females have the same feather pattern and color. Males are distinguishable by their large comb. 
Average mature weight: Roosters 6 lbs., Hens 4 lbs.
Class: Continental
Origin: Belgium
Comb Type: Single Comb
Egg Color: White
Egg Size: Medium
Production: Good
Matures: Late w/Quick Feathering
Bird Size: Small 4 - 6 lbs
Broody: No
Hardiness: Cold Tolerant
Personality: Friendly & Talkative
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