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Green Queen Chickens

The Green Queen chicken breed was created to offer our customers a prolific colorful egg layer with a friendly and calm personality. Green Queens are an extremely hardy breed that will lay lots of large green eggs. They will come in a wide range of colors, most are bearded, some will have feathered legs, and some even have 5 toes! Just like our Easter Eggers and Lakeshore Eggers, no two chickens will look exactly the same. This one of a kind breed is sure to add beautiful colors to your chicken yard and eggs to your basket.

Please note, like other eggers, you can get a range in colors of eggs. Green Queens predominantly lay green eggs, ranging from sage to aqua, but some may lay tinted, brown, or even pink. You can expect 4-5 eggs a week easily from the Green Queens.

Origin: United States
Comb Type:
Egg Color: Shades of Green
Egg Size: Large
Production: 4-5+ eggs/week
Bird Size:
Hardiness: Extremely hardy in all climates
Personality: Friendly, Docile, Good Pet
Breed Availability

Oct 26, 2020

Female: 0
St. Run: 0
Male: 100+

Nov 2, 2020

Female: 1
St. Run: 2
Male: 100+