Heated Chicken Mat with automatic thermostat keeps chicks and chickens warm.	Heated Chicken Mat		Heated Chicken Mat

Heated Chicken Mat

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Heated Chicken Mat

The Heated Chicken Mat is a great solution for keeping your chickens warm during the cold winter months. This heated mat is automatically controlled by a thermometer, making it very easy to use. Simply plug the mat in, and it will turn on as needed, giving your flock a warm place to rest. Mat can be mounted vertically or horizontally, on a flat surface and could be used for baby chicks up to adults.

* Heated Mat Size is 13” by 19”.
* Operates on 60 watts of power, built-in red indicator light.
* Made from ABS Plastic, easy to clean.
* Farm Innovators Model No: HM-60P / HM60P

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