Horizontal Sipper Nipples easily converts a food grade vessel into a poultry fount. Available to ship or pickup at Meyer Hatchery.Horizontal Sipper Nipples tap right into your good grade vessel, converting it instantly into a poultry fount.Horizontal Sipper Nipples easily twist in and eliminates leaking.

Horizontal Sipper Nipple, 5-Pack

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Horizontal Sipper Nipple, 5-Pack

It’s easy to add some automation to your poultry drinking system with these horizontal sipper nipples. Eliminate the need to fill waterers daily, put an end to leaking, rusted-out metal waterers and help keep your coop and run drier for a healthier flock. This 5-pack of horizontal twist-in nipples can be used in a low-pressure pipe system or inserted into a 3/8-inch drilled hole in the side of a pail or 55-gallon drum. Drill bit not included.