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Incredible Egg Washer

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Incredible Egg Washer - Complete Kit



Air Compressor



10" Replacement Basket



Replacement Air Hose


Incredible Egg Washer

The Incredible Egg Washer uses water and bubbled air to provide a great “hands-free” way to clean and sanitize your eggs! Small enough to fit in your kitchen, but large enough to handle a smaller flocks’ egg production. Incredible Egg Washer can hold up to 8 dozen eggs and requires an air compressor, not included, to provide 2 cu ft of air flow per minute. 

Kit includes: 
* Large bucket
* 10-inch egg basket
* 7 ½ inch and 8 ½ inch weight disks
* Screw-on air check with extension hose
* Egg brush
* Egg scrubber
* 1 lb sample of egg wash powder