Java Green Peafowl Yearling Pair		Java Green Peafowl Yearling Pair		Java Green Peafowl Yearling Pair		Java Green Peafowl Yearling Pair		Java Green Peafowl Yearling Pair

Java Green Peafowl Yearling Pair

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Male and Female Yearling Pair


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Java Green Peafowl Yearling Pair

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION: Peafowl are shipped on Wednesdays, USPS Priority Mail Express, and will typically arrive in 1-2 days at your local post office. Peafowl are not available for pickup. Our Java Green Peafowl are DNA sexed. Male peafowl with full tails may arrive with tails clipped or taped to facilitate shipping. Juvenile and adult peafowl ship for free. 

Peafowl are one of the most beautiful species of pheasants, and the extremely rare Java Green is no exception. Originally from the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, they appreciate a more moderate or warm climate provided by the southern part of the United States. They are easy to raise and keep, making them a highly sought after species.

Java Green will need an aviary or pen of at least 400 square feet per pair. Peafowl need at least a three sided shelter and a large roost such as a 2x4. It is important to note that the Java Green peafowl are not winter hardy like other peafowl. You will need to limit ownership to southern states or provide a fully enclosed and above freezing shelter during the winter months. 

Peafowl are omnivores and enjoy a diet of insects, grubs, reptiles, and amphibians, as well as plants and seeds. In a contained setting, you can also feed them a higher protein game bird diet. 

Peafowl begin breeding at 3 years of age, during the months of April thru June. You can pair 1 male with multiple females. Peafowl nest on the ground, and will lay 4 to 6 eggs per clutch, which hatch in 36 to 38 days. 

Male and female Java Green Peafowl are very similar in appearance, except in size and tail. The males, or peacocks, weighs between 8 and 9 pounds, while the female, or peahens, averages about 2.5 pounds. Females also lack the long train males display, which can be up to 6 feet in length. Java Green Peafowl can live up to 20 years. 

Species name: Pavo muticus
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