Mandarin Ducks males are unmistakable in their striking appearance. Pairs of Mandarin Ducks for sale here at Meyer Hatchery.	Mandarin Duck Yearling Pair		Mandarin Duck Yearling Pair		Mandarin Duck Yearling Pair		Mandarin Duck Yearling Pair

Mandarin Duck Yearling Pair

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Mandarin Duck Yearling Pair

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION:  Wild ducks are shipped on Wednesdays, USPS Priority Mail Express, and will typically arrive in 1-2 days at your local post office. Mandarin Duck wings can be pinioned, clipped or flying; please let Meyer Hatchery know which you would prefer when placing your order. Shipping costs are $50.00 per pair.

Mandarin Ducks males are arguably the most striking of all the wild ducks. Mandarin Duck Pairs make an excellent option for an ornamental pond due to their small size, relative ease of care, and unmatched beauty.   

Mandarin Ducks prefer a densely forested water source in their natural setting. Wild ducks will need an aviary with as close to their original habitat as possible. Mandarins love to swim, are excellent fliers, and will perch and nest in trees. 

Mandarin Ducks mainly eat plants, seeds, and other vegetation. They will also eat small insects, fish, and snails. You may wish to supplement with a waterfowl feed. 

Mandarin Ducks will pair up in the winter, and begin breeding in April and May. They will lay a clutch of 9-12 eggs and they incubate in about 28 days. The male does not assist in incubating but may keep a lookout. Mandarins will nest in cavities of trees, and will readily take to a nest box you provide in the aviary. 

Mandarin drakes (males) will weigh around 24 ounces and females weigh around 22 ounces. They measure 16 to 19 inches and have a wingspan around 28 inches. Like their close cousin the Wood Duck, they can live into their middle to late teens in captivity. The males have an iridescent crown extending to a long crest and chestnut cheeks. The breast is maroon with black and white vertical stripes; the abdomen and underside are white with gold and black flanks. The back and tail are olive brown, the upper tail coverts are blue/green, and the scapulars are iridescent blue. Females are grays and browns with blue feather tips. 
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