Ringed Teal Duck Yearling Pair		Ringed Teal Duck Yearling Pair		Ringed Teal Duck Yearling Pair		Ringed Teal Duck Yearling Pair		Ringed Teal Duck Yearling Pair

Ringed Teal Duck Yearling Pair

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Ringed Teal Duck Yearling Pair

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION:  Wild ducks are shipped on Wednesdays, USPS Priority Mail Express, and will typically arrive in 1-2 days at your local post office. Adult ducks are 12+ months of age. Ringed Teal Duck wings can be pinioned, clipped or flying; please let Meyer Hatchery know which you would prefer when placing your order. Shipping costs are $50.00 per pair.

Ringed Teal Ducks are members of the wood duck group and originated in the forests of Brazil, Argentina, and other parts of South America. One of the smallest ducks in the world, these gentle, colorful birds keep their vibrant colors all year long, showing off a bright green iridescent plumage. Adult males will have a deep dark chestnut-colored back and the females will have an olive brown colored back. They have light pink feet and legs, with claws at the end of the toes to help them easily perch in trees.    

Ringed Tree Ducks are friendly and mix in well with other waterfowl. Great for beginners, they are easily tamed. In an aviary setting, you’ll want to provide a good fresh water source and smaller trees and bushes for shade and perches. Also, a raised nest box will be needed for them, as they are cavity nesters. In the wild, they will build their nests in hollowed-out trees or other natural cavities.
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