Light Brown Leghorn hens lay tons of white eggs!Brown Leghorn roosters have beautiful red, yellow, and black feathers.Light Brown Leghorn Chickens lay 220 to 300 white eggs every year.Day Old Baby Light Brown Leghorn Chicks for Sale at Meyer Hatchery.

Light Brown Leghorn

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Light Brown Leghorn Chicks

Leghorn Chickens are known for their dependable production of white eggs. They are active birds and the hens rarely want to sit on their eggs. You can expect an average of 280 eggs per year from these hens and because they are active and great foragers, they are a great choice for an organic free-range chicken farm.  

The single combed Light Brown Leghorns we offer are a showy alternative to the White Leghorns kept on commercial flocks. These roosters' heads are orange-red, shading to golden yellow toward the shoulders, and then deep, orange-red over their backs. Their tails, wings fronts and breasts are black. Hens are more brown with an orangish head and neck. 

Average mature weight: Roosters 5 1/2 lbs., Hens 4 1/2 lbs.

Class: Mediterranean
Origin: Italy
Comb Type: Single
Egg Color: White
Egg Size: Medium to Large
Production: Good
Matures: Very Early
Bird Size: Small 4 1/2 - 5 1/2 lbs
Broody: No
Hardiness: Heat Tolerant
Personality: Active & Skittish
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