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Lakeshore Eggers

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Lakeshore Egger

Your eyes will pop over these “egg-citing” new egg colors! The Lakeshore Egger has been developed for our customers who are looking to add those beautiful blue and green eggs to your flock but are not as concerned with the look of the laying hen. Pullet chicks from this line will grow up to lay an egg that may vary in shades of pale light blue, blue-green to light minty green. You do have about a 10% possibility of receiving a brown egg from them as well. Chicks from the Lakeshore Egger line have a mixed heritage of Legbar and other laying breeds and are autosexable at hatch. Lakeshore Eggers are very active and make great foragers and they are hardy in both hot and cold environments. 

Because the Lakeshore Egger has been developed out of several breeds, chick color can vary from yellow to buff to brown and some even have a dark stripe down their backs. Adults of this breed can be white, white with buff or red patches or nearly solid red with some black. The variety is endless. Lakeshore Egger hens will lay an average of 270 large eggs annually. 

Adult bird size: hens 4 pounds; roosters 4.5 pounds.

Origin: Europe
Comb Type:
Egg Color: Blue, Green, Brown
Egg Size: Large
Production: 270 annually
Bird Size: 4 - 4 1/2 pounds
Personality: Active, Friendly
Breed Availability

Nov 2, 2020

Female: 4
St. Run: 8
Male: 84