The Mini Advance incubator has a built-in display that counts down your days until hatching and makes hatching your eggs simple and fun!

Mini Advance Digital Incubator

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Mini Advance Digital Incubator


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12 Small Egg Disk Insert


Mini Advance Digital Incubator

With all the convenience of the Mini Eco Incubator, plus more, you can’t go wrong with the Mini Advance Digital Incubator by Brinsea. The clear casing provides easy observation of the incubation process. It's fully electronic temperature display and fan-assisted airflow makes controlling the environment essential to hatching eggs a breeze. The Mini Advance automatically turns your eggs on your choice of rotating disks and stops 2 days prior to your hatch. Watch it count down to the date-of-hatch on the display screen and built-in temperature alarm will alert you to any issues with your hatch. Integrated water reservoir keeps your humidity at its ideal level. 

Incubator weighs just 2.1 lbs and measures 6 1/2" H x 8" diameter. It uses just 12 Watts on average (18 Watts max) and comes with a 7 egg disk. An optional large capacity disk sold separately.

Approximate Maximum Egg Capacities
• Quail - 12 w/disk, 24 w/o disk
• Pheasant  - 12 w/disk, 18 w/o disk
• Chicken - 7 w/disk, 10 w/o disk
• Duck - 7 w/disk, 8 w/o disk.