The Mini Eco incubator is ideal for 4-H projects, classroom demonstrations, and an easy and fun item for anyone wanting to hatch their own eggs.

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Mini Eco Incubator

The Mini Eco Manual Incubator by Brinsea is the perfect incubator for 4-H projects, classroom demonstrations, and those who just have the desire to hatch a few of their own eggs. The sturdy, clear casing allows for effortless observation without disturbing the incubation process by having to open the lid. The Mini Eco is capable of housing 10 chicken eggs and will monitor the temperature with a “liquid-in-glass” thermometer. It keeps the environment controlled with a fan assisted airflow and includes a reservoir for water to control humidity. You can count on the Mini Eco for consistent and dependable hatches time and time again. 

* Factory preset temperature of 99.5 degrees is easily adjustable if needed
* Weighs 1.9 lbs
* Measures 8.7" x 8.7" x 6.5" H
* Uses between 12 to 18 watts of power
* Approximate egg capacities: Quail - 40, Chicken - 10, Pheasant - 30, Duck - 8.